Sunday, 13 May 2012

      BN is an out dated "Public Allurement".

Najib political rhetoric is the sou-less voice of UMNO.
Najib has conscience while UMNO has not.But
the unconscionable UMNO has invariably 
influenced Najib to the extent that he shamelessly
ignored the trapping of UMNO colors trooping
towards agitated path of political destruction
in the coming PRU 13.Umno members have
eyes but refuse to see,have ears which cannot
hear and have hearts devoid of feelings and
have pea brains which refused to think properly.
These are evidences of human weakness found
only in a society of "Ignorance" controlled by
excessive economic greed.Greed is an allurement;
a poisonous vile coated with externally attractive 
taste of honey; a purposefully manufactured 
deceptive truth.   

In his haste to try to regain public confidence,
his strategical approach appears to be extraordinary 
generous by mindlessly distributing  more than 
five billion out of the national loot of 26 billion through
BRIM, to the rakyaat. Since the country got independence 
this is the first and perhaps the last of such 
opportunities ever offered by any authority in the 
whole wide world.This must be the benefit of 
modern democracy ala Malaysia.Some pundits
consider that this graceful financial gesture is
the prepared gift of gratitude from him before 
leaving Putra Jaya official residence.Indeed it is
commendable of him to do such an act.Bravo.

It is reported that he will be holidaying in Spain. 
after attending his son graduation in London.
Unfortunately on this trip, his Presidential colleague 
former President of France Mr.Shorkazi lost his bid
to continue as Fraench President last week against
F. Hollande a socialist.His loss must have
psychologically affected Najib indirectly because
of the one billion usd commission which
was discretely exposed by Suhakam in
the internet.

Based on the strength of the evidence adduced 
it is most provable that Najib may be subpoenaed 
to appear in the french court once this important 
case is on.Even at this stage of investigation his 
incidental involvement by way of  mention in the 
internet has already politically tarnished his image 
as the Prime Minister of this country.Morally he must
come out with some statement as a defensible 
strategic measure to quail the rumor.So far he has
not done any because he is too preoccupied with
the problems on the home front.Silence can be 
golden or acquiescence.

He has recently engaged gear four of his political
machine trying to run faster than the speed of the
opposition fronts.He introduced the minimum wages
for the malaysian workers, increased the civil services
emulonment ,made various legislative amendments
to outdated laws but the public response is not forthcoming.
84 coalition of NGOs known as BERSIH 3 held successful 
rally on 28th April,2012 insisting that the  the electoral fraudulently  
prone law must be rectified.The request was not met.Hence
this problem is outstanding.This has become the central theme
of the opposition campaign.

A new intriguing bad news came to public knowledge that MAS
honey moon marriage with Air Asia ended in a economic divorce 
followed by an announcement of rm 2.53 billion ringgit lost incurred
in 2011`after recording a profit of 439,000 million in 2009 and 234,000
million in 2012.This is the greatest failure of Najib transformation
program on (ETP) and GLC (Mas) and Hazanah.This is mismanagement
of national assets exasperated with undemocratic tyranny of BN regime.
This unprecedented exercise coupled with the unsettled PKNZ loss
of government fund through constructive fraud have undoubtedly
unleashed unprecedented barrage of "controlled violence" by Bersih 3
against the BN administration through peaceful demonstration recently.

With such unprecedented huge turn out of the Bersih voluntary supporters,
the jittery Najib and his henchmen including the police tried to disintegrate
the support by creating many divisions,many wounds,many breakdowns and
even communication jamers to separate and divide fellow Malaysian with
the opposition supporters. BN tires to spoon lies into the mouth of unsuspecting
public. Concocting lies are shocking information in today's news.The are mostly
adulterated.Not even 10% could be trusted.Therefore voters should beware.
Read this article thoughtfully and analyse care fully to understand the current
mess created by BN leaders through the newly invented "Jaming electronic"

Friday, 13 April 2012

Expect the unexpected to happen.

Only two days ago the 11th April,2012 @ 4.00 pm the unexpected
happened.That date coincided with the inauguration of our Malaysian 
King at the newly completed Palace costing almost one billion Malaysian
Ringgit.The unexpected was the happening of earth quakes of 8.9 rector 
scale off the coast of Acheh, Indonesia about 330km under the sea.In 2004
the tsunami killed almost 300,000 people.One of the worst incident of this 
century.This natural catastrhphy was uninvited,unplanned,an unexpected 
and unavoidable.But historical evidence confirmed to us beyond any doubt
that we must expect the unexpected to occur any time,any where in life. 

42 years ago our same King was inaugurated when Dato Seri Najib's father 
the lateTun Abdul Razak Hussein was Prime Minster.How did this event,
which  externally appears as a coincidence, happen in one life time.This
unexpected incidence can happen beyond expectation.How does it happen
no scientist nor astrologer can accurately tell or predict ? Only the "unknown
hands" can safely direct, control and avoid the occurrence of the unexpected.
This is infinity and fate.We must have faith them.

In our 49 years of independence we have witnessed many facets of the
unexpected "gruesome and happy incidents" taking place beyond expectation 
usually followed by condolences and compliments at the end of these events. 
The unexpected can happen to an individual,a group,a building,a country and 
leaders of a nation.Why it happens, how it happens and when it is going to
take place no one knows because the unexpected is beyond human perception. 
The answers to the "three doubts" could only be known after the incidents when 
analyses are completed in the aftermath.They involve future happenings.

The current political enmity between Najib and Annuar was unexpected.Both of
them were great friends and in the same political institution UMNO and they were
fighting using the same nomenclature "Raft" of Rakit to oust the late Ghafar Baba
and Pak Lah as old guard.But today we notice they are fighting to destroy one 
another. I believed at the initial stage, both of them never expected that they will 
be enemies and the general public also never predict the current situation to happen.
neither do we expect that Annuar and Mahathir would also be bitter enemies.Similar
incident took place between Dr. Mahathir,Tun Musa and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
in 1987 which fight led to the split of UMNO.That was not expected and so was 
Mahathir rise to power after he was sacked by Tengku Abdul Rahman from UMNO.
The ever shifting character of this illusive maniac signifies the employment of deceit
and hypocritical traits of an ungratefulness by oppressive recalcitrant of the century.      
The first Prime Minster was condemned,the late Harun Idris was despised and Anuar
Ibrahim was unceremoniously dammed.No body expected such action to happen.   

After what the BN did to Annuar, no body in UMNO ever thought that he will rise up 
again together with her daughter to become MPs. This incident also applies to the 
fate of Mr.Lim Kiat Siang and son,Karpal Sing and sons.Against all odds these least 
expected episodes happened to the the "three famous political personalities" of the country. 
Under the current historical evidences, we must not rule out that in PRU 13,the fall of Putra
Jaya, which is the least expected by BN at this moment, may follow along the line of incidents 
of the indicative previous past examples: to expect the unexpected to take place any time.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Our beloved Jihadist Osama ben Laden,may God blessed his soul
once said before he was killed:-
"We are approaching a stage where narrow mindedness is a killer".

"Osamaism" is the "new value of generosity of gift of God"  to spread an open
     ended policy to extend the spiritual power of faith into the world where narrow 
     mindedness of the infidel against Islam is a killer of Jihadist spirit.Hence Alqeada 
     being the most popular and respectably feared Islamic Movement must be 
     exterminated at all cost from this planet.The word Al Queda is a misnomer
     which was personally coined by the infidel  Bush of America because of his
     hatred and narrow mindedness against Saddam Hussein who was alleged
     to have plotted to kill his father Bush Senior.
     The term Alqueda is not an Islamic-ally appropriate term to describe any 
     legitimate member of any Islamic Movement on this planet. In fact it was 
     Bush narrow mindedness that has reached a stage of  irreversibly extreme 
     hatred that made him an instinct  killer in Iraq Pakistan and Afghanistan.
     This is the first limb of Osama's statement.  

  Narrow Mindedness can also mean narrow minded followers of Alqeada.   
  The statement is a double edge information specially coined to arouse the interests
      and to cover the essentials of "Islamic faith related jihad" which have hitherto 
      been misunderstood or its meaning was purposely twisted due to sheer hatreds, 
      jealousy and ignorance.The effects and counter reactions of prolonged oppression 
      in the absence of rationally acceptable solution to the impending problems manufactured 
      through "infidel incubation" naturally and slowly breed feeling and perception of narrow 
      mindedness.At that stage irresistibly irrational shifting cannibalistic instinct overpower 
      sanity and reason.Hence killer instinct sets in operation defying conscience.  
      This is a stage where "infidel killers" who regarded Islam and its adherents as enemies 
      can be the caused of narrow mindedness. On the other hand the killer could be the jihadist 
      because of extreme feeling and desire to protect the sanctity of Islamic faith.A Jihadist
      is indeed a faith healer who also could be termed as narrow minded in attitude.   

Monday, 2 April 2012

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55. The Grand Finale.

Datuk Salleh
Mar 27 (6 days ago)
to ahmadebon38
55. The grand finale.

In any competition of political or social events the means
usually determine the end.The ending which bring success
will always be celebrated in pomp and grandeur to mark it
with a test of grand finale.Unsuccessful participants will
suffer inhibited distressed and sorrow and will leave the
scene without any celebration.This is the normal practice
that took place at any grand finale. 

It is an occasional celebration attended by supporters of
both sides.Some times when frustration is so great like
recent Egyption football riot in Alexandria in March 2012
the grand finale turned out into ugly occasion.In May 1969
the opposition winning celebration turned out into prolonged
racial riots which dragged the entire country into an emergency.
Parliament was dissolved the law was suspended and the 
country  was ruled and administrated by NOC (National 
Operation Council) which is ala military.This state of affair
was also experienced in Thailand when the civilian government
was over thrown by the Military.The former billionaire Prime 
Minister become a political fugitive.Similar occasions also
took place in Indonesia and Philippine.In every incident the 
Government was overthrown.On 24th March.2012,Mali a country
which has a population 15.4 million people has just a coupe and 
the democratically elected President Mr. Amadou Tourmani was 
overthrown by young military Captain Amadou Sanogo as us trained.
It happened just a month before the April proposed general election.
Let this dirty incident not happen in our beloved country.

But the most dramatic grand finale took place in Myanmar 
after the League for Democracy led by Mdm. Ang San Suu 
Kee which won the election but was denied the right to celebrate 
the winning. Instead she has to suffer imprisonment behind 
military  bar for many years although she was simultaneously 
conferred Noble Prize, recognizably awarded  for her struggle 
to bring democracy to Myanmar. 

For the Malaysian Opposition Leader his grand finale was
recently observed after he won his sodomy case.He is expected
to celebrate another another grand finale after the end of Pru 13
when He is tipped to capture Putra Jaya by ousting the current
BN leader.The road to retake Putra Jaya is not closed but thorny
and slippery.A stitch in time may save the Capital but a slight
negligence by the incumbent can result in complete loss and
political destruction of BN rule for ever.The tasks for both parties
are enormous and have to be completed with a time limit known
only by the beholder of this important decision.Although few hints
have been occasionally mentioned, the guessing game becomes
an anxiety which can fool everybody.An element of surprise is no
more an issue because every one is making preparation for the event.

What most political pundits feel uneasy is the likely hood of the 
the PRU 13 may usher in an expected celebration of the grand finale by
the restoration of NOC in the event BN lost badly.A repeat celebration
of May 13 1969 must not be overruled.In that event the grand finale
will be celebrating the Death of Democracy in the country.God prov-ids.  

To avoid the "unexpected grand finale" to happen to our country after
PRU 13, all political leaders must be rational in their political approaches
by trying to restraint from using all combustible sensitivities in their
slogans to win votes.They must be guided by experience and wisdom.
True spirit of democracy as shown in 2008 celebrations should be 
upheld at all cost to show honor and dignity of our monarchial system
which we have preserved hitherto to ensure a win win  grand finale for
all.Good luck for all of us.

inspired 27/03/2012 @ 4.10 pm kl. dsj

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Yang berjalan tanpa disedari,
Itu lah Masa,
Tujuh hari berlari,
Sabtu,Munggu,Ithnin Selasa,

Dua hari kita berpuasa,
Jumaat hari bersara,
Mentaati perinatah Tuhan semesta,
Persedian kealam baqa.

Tiap hari kita melayani,
Perubahan dilalui sendiri,
Tidak diperhati rapi,
Penyesalan tiada erti.

Kekayan kesihatan bertubi tubi,
Prasangka hidup berterusan,
Tertipu Keselesaan membuai,
Cinta dunia tanpa sempadan.

liku liku hidup lama dilupa,
Tertinggal dalam ingatan kesepian, 
Detik kesedihan ratapan jiwa,
Dihiasi dengan amalan kepuraraan.

Ujian hidup tiada pilihan,
Kaya miskin sahaluan sazaman,
Tanpa penentu menukar haluan,
Mengusut fikiran dalam kesedaran.

Merdunya suara iman membisek,
Dikeningaan malam sunyi sepi,
Sujud ber khlawat angota mengolek,
Tunduk memmuhun dosa di ampuni.

Demi masa yang terlepas,
Kau terus berlari ramai ketawa,
Waktu muda muka segar tapi malas,
Hati kecil tertumpu pada yang nyata.

Yang nyata itu fana,
Hari ini esok atau lusa,
Hiasilah jiwa mencintai DIA,
Sambil menunggu hari Tua.

Panggilan Ajal tanpa amaran,
Tua Muda pasti mengalami ujian,
Azab kematian telah ditetapkan,
Penyalamat utama ibadah ketakwaan.
Wahai insan tercinta,
Segra lah bangung dari tidor,
Ajal akan memangil tanpa berita,
Bersemadi lah jasad kelamnya kubur.

Ilham DSJ @ 645 pm 31/03/2012 kl.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

    Phases of unwelcome challenges in our system.
                    By DSJ
                Kuala Lumpur.
This book is a compilation of short articles written over
a period of many months and were published in my
blog under the caption KUBURKERAMAT.

This is the third books which I attempted to write
and intend to publish simultaneously with the other two
under the titles "Pricking Conscience" and 
"Muhibah yang belum terjalin".

The contents  of this book are arranged in order of
priorities and dates of inspirations carrying different
titles and headings which are meant to be interestingly
easy reading to avoid monotonously thorough and factually
dry detailed analysis.

These selected articles are interspersed with poems
and riddles ingrained with local and current political
settings originated directly from my personal inspirations 
which come along the way which I immediately jotted 
down as they come into my mind.

They are open and professional comments and criticisms
of current political and social events taking place in our
system.I hope this little contribution can become a source
of interesting reading material or stimulant to help induce
an externally sleepy and tired mind on the way to a reader's
bed at late night especially when are in a sate of disappointment.

Sometimes a disappointment can be transformed into a source 
of new opportunity especially when things do not turn out as
you want them.The effect of disappointment can be stinking
at first but then it can eventually help strengthen your conviction.

Disappointment will bring you face to face with your own weakness.
This opportunity will create immediate awareness in you to grow stronger
in ways that really count and work.When you are clear about what does 
not work, then you will be closer to understanding what does work.
The experience of ineffectiveness will open up floodgates of effectiveness.

This positive value usually come out in a state of disappointment.
Therefore treat disappointment as an antidote to create an opportunity 
to gather new and effective strength into the system.

Hence when you are disappointed with life, take a step back and look
at the positive value in that disappointment.You should find a powerful
reason to be more determined than ever before.Life has its ups and down.
But you can choose to benefit from both because success comes from
choosing the value in whatever way things go.

What ever form of success  or disappointment come, life is always supplying 
us with the raw materials for fulfillment.Therefore we should make good use
of our life surely and steadily in the direction of our dreams; which is our

Thank you.Wishing all of you happy reading.

Salleh Jafaruddin.

11/11/2011 Kuala Lumpur.